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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So what helps advertising to work?

There are a number of factors that will help make your advertising more effective, there are also several variables that you should keep an eye on along the way. However, there are a few key ingredients that will have a bigger, more immediate impact.

First, customers are looking for relevance & credibility. We are inundated with thousands of advertising messages every day. Therefore the first thing we tend to look for is 'Why does this matter to me? Why should I care?' If the answer to that doesn't immediately grab a reader's (or listener's) attention they're more likely to skip right over anything else you have to say.

If you succeed in getting someone's attention, the next question will be 'Why should I listen to you? What makes you an expert?' In order to keep their attention you need to prove your credibility swiftly, concisely & without uncertainty.

If you can achieve this, then you've made an impression. But it doesn't end there. Sleep will erase advertising, therefore consistency & frequency are absolutely necessary. Plus, rarely will someone take action the first time they see or hear your ad. So your goal should be to reach the same person at least 7 times.

Manage all of this and you'll be on your way to developing advertising that works... There's certainly more to it, but this is a start in right direction.

Adios until next time!

Sent from my BlackBerry ~ Tanya Thibodeau, Publisher

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